Dating In The 21st Century*

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The digital era has paved a new way forwards for the world of dating. Gone are the days of traditional courting where plucking up the courage to ask someone out face to face was the norm. (Although granted, some people still do this. Kudos to them.) These days if you're footloose and fancy free you can simply nip online to peruse for potential takers on one of the many dating sites available. One of the things I love about online dating is that you don't actually have to leave the comfort of your own home so initial nerves can be dispensed with. Of course once you've built up a good solid foundation with someone you can then choose whether to take it further and meet for a first date or not. Eek. (At this point I'll be needing wine please!)

It's never too late to find love...

When I think online dating I automatically think POF, eHarmony and - cringe alert - Tinder. But it's not just your typical twenty something and thirty something singletons - like me - that are looking for romance. There seems to be this notion that once you're past a certain age it's too late to find love and yet this couldn't be further from the truth. Just because you're over fifty it doesn't mean your soul mate isn't out there too. Or maybe you've just come out of a long term relationship or have recently been widowed and are just looking for companionship. 

POF and the likes can seem somewhat immature for anyone over a particular age group and let's face it, they're also full of people who are on there looking for just one thing if you know what I mean?! Trying to sift through the messages and ascertain who's genuine and who's not is just plain exhausting. I know as I've been there and bought the t-shirt so to speak. 

Websites like 'Older Dating' are much more ideal for anyone in the over 50's dating bracket. Of course taking that leap to climb back into the dating saddle after time away can be hugely daunting. But with a user friendly website and plenty of guidance available, the process should feel a whole lot more enjoyable opposed to scary. If you happen to know someone over the age of forty who is feeling that little bit lonely, why not give them a gentle nudge in the right direction? They might even thank you for it later!

Being a single parent and dating is tricky but not impossible...

Being a single parent can also make dating increasingly more difficult. But I don't see why someone who is raising a child alone can't also have a bit of romance! Everyone deserves someone special in their life right? Granted, I know that finding someone who understands the worries and needs as a lone parent can be damn near impossible. Ideally a potential taker has to be someone who understands the frustrations that come with raising a child alone and who will accept that the child will always come first. So online dating sites such as 'Date Parent Singles' are the perfect solution for anyone single parent dating. Full of other like minded single parent individuals, love could be just around the corner!

I've always been a bit of a sucker for romance. How about you guys? Are any of you currently single? And if so which dating websites do you use? 

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  1. My mum uses the dating site you've mentioned - she loves it! She's been on a few dates recently, and it's very odd to see your mum having a better social life than yourself ;)


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