9 Summer Fashion Rules

With glorious weather promised for this forthcoming weekend I thought it the perfect time to share some of my summer fashion tips. 

Gone are the years of me trying to conform to all the latest trends. If I don't feel comfortable in something or I hate what I see in the mirror then it's just not going to happen. These days I tend to stick to classic pieces that I know won't go out of style. 

1. Ditch the black. Mix it up a little and wear bright, colourful items or anything with a bold print

2. Switch your heavy jeans for lighter fabrics made with cotton or linen, you'll be much cooler and comfortable

3. Bearing rule number two in mind, comfort should always come first. If you don't feel right in something then don't buy it. If you already have items in your wardrobe that you know you'll never wear, why not donate them to a charity shop?

4. If you're going to bare skin then please remember to put on plenty of sun cream. Sunburn is not a good look and more importantly none of us want skin cancer! If you're anything like me and burn really easily, try lighter, 'floatier' cover ups such as kaftans and kimonos which will protect your shoulders from the sun without compromising on style

5. Prone to a touch of sunstroke? Don a hat to look super stylish whilst keeping the sun off your head and face

6. Whether you're going to a festival or just headed to the beach, sunglasses are a stylish must have to prevent you from squinting in the sunlight

7. Don't break the bank by purchasing loads of new items. Instead jazz up simple vest tops and shorts with colourful accessories

8. Change to a larger bag to hold all your essentials - pack sun cream and a bottle of water. Hydration is key on a hot summers day! 

9. If you're going on a beach holiday and need some fashion or bikini inspiration then check out other blogs such as TheLifestyleBloggerUK for ideas. 

What are your summer fashion rules? 


  1. Beautiful post! I love to play with fashion in Summer. There is so many cute things you can wear. x

    Antonia || Sweet Passions


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