What Not To Do When Decorating Your New House!*

*This is a collaborative post*

Decorating your new house gives you a chance to express yourself creatively and gift yourself the home you’ve always wanted. You have a blank canvas to play with, and you’re certainly not attached to anything yet, so you can afford to really let your imagination run wild. However, you should have a good idea of what not to do when decorating. Read on for a few pointers that should do you the world of good!

Don't... Spend A Fortune On Home Furniture And Accessories

It can be fun to splurge on your new house to make it look and feel incredible, but you don’t actually need to spend a fortune on furniture and home accessories. There are many articles out there that suggest items from budget stores can look just as good as those from high end ones, and you’ll be able to recreate your desired look for so much less. You should definitely splurge on a few key items - for example, your sofa. You need a sofa that’s durable, practical, and comfortable. Think about what’s most important to you in your new home, and that will give you a good idea of what to splurge on.


That said, don’t think you have to buy every one of your key items from a high end store. There are tons of cheap stores that produce quality items, and you’ll feel way more satisfied when you get that professional look for a fraction of the price. Perhaps try putting together a collage if you’re confused as to what you want to go for, and don’t forget to pick a colour scheme. There are lots of professional tips and tutorials online you can use to help you before you go shopping.

Don't... Try To Replicate Your Old Home

Why try to replicate your old home when you now have a brand new, fresh space to play with? Old habits can die hard of course, so make a conscious effort to make this home look brand new and individual. There’s nothing wrong with giving your removals company a few of your favourite items to take to your new place, but taking everything could very well mean you have the same space, just in a different building. That’s no fun!


Don't... Go For A Cliche

Don’t go for whatever's in style in that moment in time. So many people will have the same look as you in their homes, so you won’t get that individual look you should be going for. Your decor will ideally tell others about your personality. Is yours doing that? Plus, whatever's in style usually goes out pretty quickly. If you rely on magazines to tell you what to go for, you might find that you’re bored of your new decor within a few months. Instead, think about things you’ve always liked, and then come up with your own design regardless of what’s ‘in’. You won’t regret it!

Now you know what not to do when decorating your new house, you can get on with doing the right things!

*This post was contributed by Sam Jones

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