Choosing The Right Uniform Can Make All The Difference*

*This is a collaborative post but all views and opinions are my own*

Hands up if you have to wear a uniform to work? (I certainly do!) I'm of the belief that when someone feels comfortable they will work more efficiently and effectively. Anyone else agree? As someone who has had to wear a uniform to work for the majority of her adult life I can safely say that I'm qualified in knowing a decent quality uniform when I see one.

I have to be honest with you all, I have worn some atrocious uniforms in the past. So dire that I've thrown any photographic evidence away, never to be seen again - or so I hope. 

From head to toe duck egg blue stripes (yes really) to bright fuchsia pink scrubs, I've worn them all. 

Working in a clinical environment means I need a uniform that will wear and wash well. What I don't want or need is scrubs that will come apart at the seams or that will fade in colour after just a few washes. Nor do I want them to go bobbly or for the buttons to fall off. Believe me, after sixteen years in dentistry, I've experienced all of this and more. 

Of all I've worn, my favourite all time uniform has to be my traditional dental nurses tunic and trousers from Simon Jersey
The Metro Blue Classic Collar Healthcare Tunic is made with infection control compliant material. Mine survived many a hot wash after throwing all sorts of mixing materials down it and it always looked in fantastic condition even after many years of wear. The double action back meant it was great for movement around the surgery and the fabric never felt stiff or stifling. And one of my favourite things about this particular uniform? Teamed with my navy blue trousers, it ironed so easily and never looked dated. It's the classic 'nurse' look that I have always loved.

Sadly I don't wear this uniform now although I truly wish I did. It was by far the most flattering which is why it will also forever remain my favourite. If you're looking for a uniform that makes you feel confident and comfortable then I definitely recommend Simon Jersey. If you're reading this and like me, don't actually get to choose your uniform, then why not suggest Simon Jersey to your employer? Their uniforms are also a great price considering the excellent quality so your boss will have nothing to grumble about when the invoice arrives. 

F.Y.I - If you work in an office, Simon Jersey also sell some gorgeous business wear. 

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