6 Ways In Which You Can Be A Unicorn

I bet I got a few odd looks at this title.

'What's she on about now??!' 

Go on admit it. You thought it too right? But this isn't about actually being a unicorn per se. It's more about what that stands for and how you can embrace the sentiment.

Being a unicorn for me essentially means to be unique. To be different. To stand up in a crowd when you believe in something, even if that means you're the only one. To be the odd one out when everyone else is following a trend. To not give into peer pressure. To be okay with going against the norm when no-one else dare. To go a journey alone because you have faith even if no-one else does. To stick to your morals, beliefs and even religion despite the opinions of others.

There are a million and one ways in which I could express my point but you get the general gist - or so I hope.

Here are six ways in which you can be a unicorn

1. Don't Follow The Crowd

Get a group of gaggling girls together and the bitching starts. You know what I'm talking about. I've witnessed it first-hand both in person and online. Thankfully in every group there's also usually 'the unicorn.' The one who isn't afraid to stand up and say, 'Hey folks this isn't on. Stop bad mouthing such and such a body.'

The unicorn is not afraid to speak out for what's right and call it when it's wrong. Sure it's easy to be led by others when you're part of a group for fear of being pushed out, but going along with something just because it's the easy road doesn't make it right.

2. Be Yourself

Really be yourself. I'm gonna throw a Dr Seuss quote at you for this one.

'Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.'

As you go through life you'll come across loads of folk. And out of those hundreds you'll find a handful who are your people. Your tribe. They'll have your back, love you for you and you'll never have to pretend to be someone you're not around them. So if you're goofy, be goofy. If you talk too much, too loudly, too fast, (me then!) what the hell does it matter? Your people won't care cos they'll accept you for you.

Bottom line. Always be yourself.

3. Dress To Impress You Not Others

Do not choose attire if it's simply to impress others. Don't succumb to the latest fad if the only reason is to fall into the right crowd or to feel accepted. Wear what you want to wear. If that means you dress in head to toe black with a skull and cross bone through your nose then go for it. If it means you live in flats and avoid high heels so what?

For me, being trendy or fashionable is more about staying true to your own unique style even when everyone else is following a trend.

4. Accept Your Uniqueness

We all have our own hobbies, goals etc. People often look at me like I'm insane when they hear how many hours I put into my 'dream' career aka this blog and my freelance writing. But it's who I am. Writing makes me tick. It's my passion.

I might not go out drinking every weekend but I also don't feel compelled to anymore. At one point in life - maybe my early twenties - I used to wonder what was wrong with me. Why I didn't enjoy going out clubbing when it was all my friends wanted to do. I was always more at home with a good book or writing a piece, curled up under a duvet. These days I don't give a stuff what anyone thinks.

I am who I am, I like what I like. I don't force myself to do the things I don't enjoy. It took me years to accept that I didn't have to conform just because others said I should. Not any more.

Learn to accept everything about yourself. If you have a hobby that some may class as odd, don't let that stop you from doing it. If you have a dream and everyone tells you you're crazy, go for it anyway. Don't let anyone or anything bring you down.

5. Bring Joy To Those Around You

I find it's sometimes just the little things that can bring a touch of magic to someone else's day. I often try to go out of my way to make someone feel good. To make them feel better about life or themselves. Sometimes I'll just compliment a patient on their shoes. Sometimes I'll let someone out of a side road in traffic. It's just the act of kindness that I find often catches people off guard. It pleasantly surprises them and you can visibly see a difference in their face.
Here's another quote for you by Maya Angelou.

'People won't remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.'

It's a quote I try to live by. I work in the public sector and from time to time I do have to deal with irate patients. These days though I try not to meet their anger with my own. Instead I come back at them with niceness. Often the pure shock of this can instantly diffuse the situation. Why not try it for yourself?

6. Wear A Unicorn Horn

Okay. So this last one is obviously a joke. But it made you look twice right?! ;)

How are you unique? Do you already live according to any of the above?

If you made it to the end of this post then yay and thanks for reading. I'm not crazy honest! Well... Maybe a little. :)

Until next time...

Justine xxx

This post was actually inspired because of a gift from Tracy - The very pretty unicorn mug shown in the header image above.


  1. Aww I loved this post so much babe! Especially number 5! It truly makes such a difference to people when you take the time to spread a little joy, or make someone smile; and it'll make you feel really good too. Win win! :)
    Its good to remember to be YOURSELF in every way possible! xx

  2. Can you ask Tracy where she found that mug, because I need one?! Haha. Love this post - really interesting ideas! I think the one about spreading joy is so important too, I always try to spread a little joy wherever I go, whatever I do. I've also been hugely tempted to buy a unicorn horn; I might just have to after reading no 6 on your list ;) x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

    1. Ha ha let me know how that goes... Buying the unicorn horn I mean lol. The mug was from home bargains I do believe xxx


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