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If you're on the lookout for new blogs to follow then I highly recommend you pop on over to Jorlaska. Taiba started this lifestyle blog in September 2015. I love that her posts are often raw, honest and so very personal. Here she tells you a little bit about herself...

'Hi, I'm Taiba. I'm a nineteen year old college student, inspiring others to explore the hidden secrets of the world.
You will often find me in the corner of some random coffee shop, surrounded by endless coffee cups, books and pens.
When I'm not blogging (or trying to get those A's)  I'm usually either working at the local Subway, co-running a social space with other women or trying to escape reality by losing myself in a stream of words.
Jorlaska is not just a lifestyle blog but rather an expression of my inner creativity and how I feel about the turmoil of the society we live in.
I spent almost a year searching for something worthwhile to do with my time, the outcome being Jorlaska.
One year later and Jorlaska has now grown to include controversial topics and content aimed to inspire others. You'll also find Coffee with Jorlaska and some personal letters written to myself.'

Here are three of my favourite posts by Taiba.

You can find Taiba on most social media avenues including Twitter and Instagram. You can also follow her blog on Bloglovin.

Thanks for reading. Who are your favourite bloggers? 

Justine xxx

Images not my own. 

*Jorlaska is one of GirlGoneDreamer's March Advertisers

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