What Is A Blogger Anyway?

Hello lovelies! How are you all? I'm in a good mood this evening as I've just booked a few days off work. I hadn't actually prepared a post for this evening but there's a valid reason for that, bear with.

I came across a post by the lovely Jessie just at the weekend. If you didn't read it or don't follow her then please do as she's one of my favs. In this particular post, Jessie talks about blogging and whether it's a sustainable industry or if it's perhaps coming to an end. Everyone seems to have jumped on the blogging bandwagon of late. Like Jessie herself says, it's over saturated.

Blogging has also transitioned somewhat. Hands up if you remember the days when it was just about documenting your every day habits, sharing honest reviews no matter how blunt? Or rambling about life's trials and tribulations? Again hands up if you remember the time when you could happily upload a photo no matter how grainy or flawed and yet not care?! Nowadays it seems every blogger is striving for perfection and yet why? I myself have fallen into the trap and I've decided no more.

The reason I started using Pexels for images was because I felt my own photography wasn't up to scratch. How ridiculous is that? As bloggers aren't we supposed to be authentic? Share 'real' photos? Write posts as raw as they come? Errors and all?! Isn't that what makes a blog a blog? When did it become the 'in' thing for a blog post to look more like a glossy magazine article? I know of bloggers that spend hours perfecting props, lighting, conditions etc, just to get that one perfect shot. I know of others who are so busy trying to get 'worthy' images that they don't even enjoy the moment they're capturing.

We've created a 'standard' in our minds that our blogs have to live up to. It's almost become a monster. I think a lot of it comes from comparing ourselves to well known bloggers who have become the epitome of blog perfection. Perhaps these 'well knowns' chose to go down a route because that's what was expected of them by the brands they collaborated with. I'm certainly not having a go at them because I think they've done great things. But I do miss reading more of the 'real,' rambling and spontaneous types of posts. The kind that tells me a bit more about you. An insight into your world. Your real world btw. Not the glossy, photo-shopped, filtered image you try and sell me. Who actually lives like that? I practically live in my pjs when I'm not at work!

With all this in mind I decided to write a spontaneous and rambling post for you guys tonight. And to finish here are three blog posts from days gone by from some 'well knowns' who also happen to be three of my favs. See if you can spot the difference in the then and the what you would see now. Which do you prefer? Do you feel pressured to create perfect content?

Zoella - Previous Nights Glad Rags

InTheFrow - GHD Gold Classic Styler

Hannah Gale - My LFW round -up

Lastly, I'd like to thank Jessie for inspiring this blog post. Go have a nosy at her blog - All Things Beautiful

Until next time - Justine xxx

Photo - My own! ;)


  1. This photo is great! You've got great photography skills hun, you shouldn't worry about that. I definitely feel like there's a lot of pressure on us bloggers to be perfect, and to create perfect content. God knows, I heavily edit photos to make them the best they can be, and I still always feel inferior to other bloggers! My own issue, not anything anyone has ever done or said to make me feel that way. Loved this post - really thought provoking. x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

    1. Glad you enjoyed this post hun. I often enjoy writing these spontaneous posts more than the ones I obsess over and write and re-write as if they're a magazine article. I want my blog to become my online diary if you will. Fresh and organic. Whether people will read it remains to be seen lol. And thanks for the lovely comment. I didn't edit the photo but only because I haven't learnt how to or got any editing software or apps yet lol xx


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