8 Things I'm Loving This Week

I do love a good lists post. Both reading and writing them. In fact I enjoyed writing this one so much that I might make it a regular thing. Without further ado, here are eight things I've been loving this last week.

1. Katy Perry's new blonde hair. How bloomin' gorgeous did she look at the Grammys?? It's got me desperately wanting to go get my hair done. Wouldn't mind her face either. She's beautiful!

2. My mood. This time last week I was feeling all over the place what with messing around with my medication. Two weeks back on the usual and I'm feeling somewhat calmer and content. Lesson learned there.

3. Bloglovin. There has been so many fantastic posts lately it's hard to keep up. Thank goodness for the save button hey? Mental note to self. Must read back over all at some point.

4. My ad slots being booked up for the next three months. It's nice to know that people want to advertise with me. Little old me!? I still wonder why but hey I'm not complaining and I'll work my backside off promoting you wonderful lot!

5. Tracy. My new work colleague, partner in crime and now also friend for life. (Sorry Tracy but you're not getting away ha ha!) She always seems to know what to say to make me feel better about myself when I'm having a down day and she lifts my spirits. I know loads of people but I can count my best friends on one hand and Tracy is now one of them. Oh and she's as nutty as me which kind of helps. If you like bespoke crafts, aromatherapy bath time treats or pretty keepsakes then check out her Facebook page Tracy's Treasures.

6. My nephews. It goes without saying that I always love my nephews but this week they surprised me with a visit at work. Just seeing their smiling faces makes me feel instantly happy.

7. My cute Valentines gifts. I hadn't expected anything so this was lovely.

8. My bed. I've been super tired lately so I've been going to bed early just to curl up and read. It's one of my favourite places to be.

Don't forget to let me know in the comments what you've been loving this week.

Justine xxx

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  1. Lovely post - I love a good list post too and this is such a positive one! Glad you're feeling better now hun <3 x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

    1. I love a good list post too! So easy to read aswell if you're feeling lazy :) xx


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