Women That Inspire Me

Margaret Wilding

As many of my frequent readers will already know, my nanna sadly passed away a week before her ninety second birthday. That said, I count myself lucky that I got to know her for thirty odd years. Growing up she wasn't just someone I adored, I also looked up to her and was in awe of her talents for baking, sewing and of her love for others. She was the most selfless and generous person I have ever known. As a child I knew her to be a warm, loving human being but once I was an adult and I got to truly know her, I appreciated her even more. She didn't get to live out all of her dreams for one reason or another and she certainly wasn't happy all of the time but I never heard her complain. She still put everyone else before herself. She taught me many valuable life lessons including not to settle for anyone or anything. She empowered me and gave me an inner strength I didn't know I had. She made me believe in myself when others didn't because she believed in me. She taught me that I should go for my dreams and that one day I would achieve them too. My only regret is that she isn't alive to see me make them a reality but I still carry her with me in my heart every single day.

Zoe Sugg

Every time I mention this lady's name in 'non-blogger' circles I get confused looks, but stick me with a group of teenagers, bloggers or YouTube fanatics and - love or hate her - they'll all be nodding with recognition at the name 'Zoella.' I say love or hate because by all accounts Zoe is a little bit like Marmite. For every handful of fans that adore her, there's always a minority that can't stand her whether that be down to jealousy or the simple fact that she's just not their cup of tea. Which is fair enough. I'm fast learning that you can't make everyone in the world like you and that's okay.
Zoe Sugg is the success story that most (bloggers) want for themselves. She features in issue 11 of Blogosphere and editor Alice Audley hits the nail on the head when she remarks that Zoe isn't just a 'tween idol' but also a self made social media powerhouse. By all rights Zoe is a business woman who has worked hard to build a multi-million pound empire. That in itself should motivate and inspire me but it's not just that. Even though Zoe suffers with anxiety, she continues to work in an environment that must surely only heighten it. If she has learnt to cope then I can surely do the same. I often read her interviews and am always left feeling that little bit more empowered and capable of achieving my own dreams. Why? Because not only is Zoe the epitome of success, but she's the loveable 'girl next door' who encourages self belief, positivity and going for what you want in life. I have the 'Design A Life You Love' motto sat on my desk to remind me everyday that I am capable if I continue to work hard.

The Spice Girls

Some of you are probably laughing at this. Some cringing. But I'm still coming out. Yes I am a die hard Spice Girls fan and I'm not ashamed to admit it. It was never just about their music either although I love every song they ever recorded. It was more the feeling that being a Spice Girl fan gave me. Every time they put their stamp on a product, their faces appeared on tv or when they hollered girl power to any and everyone, I was filled with a sense of - Yeah! I can do whatever I want in life if I believe in myself enough. And that I suppose was their intention with the girl power message they were portraying to girls nation and worldwide. They made me hopeful for my future, they made me believe in girl power and in myself. I was going through some tough times while they were at the height of their fame but having them to look up to made all the difference. I am and always will be, a Spice Girl through and through!

There are of course many other women who have inspired me over the years but the above are women who have truly stood out for me. I only hope that one day I might inspire someone somewhere in the same way.

Who has inspired you? If you have your own story to share then please share with us all in the comments below.

Justine xxx


  1. I personally don't watch Zoella's YouTube channel as it's not my kind of thing, but she is really such a fantastic business woman and I see her as an inspiration! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    1. She really is. Thanks for your comment Jessie xx

  2. I absolutely Zoe's videos and have watched them since before she hit 1 million. She really is a truly successful women and I can say that as someone who has seen her grow over the years.
    Aleeha xXx

    1. She really is and I think a lot of women and young girls look up to her xx

  3. My own mum inspires me, everything she's ever done in her life has been for me and I can't thank her enough! She's so supportive with my chosen career and shares literally anything I post on any sort of social media! Your blog is amazing! I've just started out but hope mine can become as good! You have a real talent for writing!


  4. This is a lovely comment. Thank you so much Molly. Nice to hear you have support from your family. Here's to an amazing 2017 hey? Xxx

  5. Yeah I'm the most inspiring woman in your life. What's more inspiring than an annoying little sister x


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