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Apart from the fact I suffer from anxiety I'm a pretty laid back person, but some things really get on my nerves. You lovely lot seem to like it when I share a bit more about myself so here goes. My very own list of pet hates. If you happen to do any of these things, don't worry, I'll still love you! :)

People who say 'innit.' It grates on me so much.

Rudeness. Comes with the territory in my job unfortunately. I'm very lucky that ninety percent of the patients are wonderful. The other ten? Let's just say I have to bite my tongue very hard. The customer is always right after all are they not? Won't say anymore on that... :)

Another job related one. When people put their fingers in their mouths whilst talking to me at reception. Not so bad. But then they touch my desk, the card machine, the pen, everything... Antibacterial wipe NOW please!

The toilet roll being placed on the holder the wrong way round. I cannot be the only one that thinks this?! The tissue has to come over the top people! Anything else is just wrong. The penny is about to drop with someone from work. Yes it is me that always turns it round. Ha ha.

Yes I am a freak. :)

When the internet goes down. All the frigging time. Girls at work - you know what I'm talking about. Drives me potty.

When you're having a muchly needed lie in and everyone insists on disturbing you. Seriously people!? I've been at work all week. Give me a break!

Drivers. Just generally. Indicators are there for a reason not for decoration. Use them. And while you're at it please re-learn the Highway Code and the roundabout right of way!

Road works. End of.

Traffic jams when I'm on my way to work. The rest of the time I couldn't care less if I'm queued for ages. I'll happily sing along to all my cds thank you very much. Shake it off baby!

Learner drivers in rush hour traffic. I understand that we all need to learn, I've been there. But it makes no sense to take a learner driver out so they can stall their car through six traffic light changes whilst I'm impatiently trying to get to work. Just take them out half an hour later. Please.

Cyclists. When you're waiting at traffic lights and they sneak down the side of your car only to plonk themselves smack bang right in front of the queue. F*****g move! That's not only called queue jumping but you're also now gonna cause a hold up when you set off at your snail's pace.

That person that just stops dead in front of you. In the supermarket. On the pavement. Just why!?

Donald Trump. Enough said on that one.

The people that play the follow/unfollow game. I can't track my stats effectively people! If you're gonna do that then I have only one thing to say. Don't. Just don't follow me in the first place if you're only in it for the following game. If you hadn't guessed, I don't play it!

Bullies. No explanation needed.

The 'read more' option on blogs. I'm going to apologise in advance now if this upsets anyone but when I'm scrolling through my Bloglovin feed and I have to then load your website just to read your latest, chances are I won't. It just upsets my flow when I'm looking for decent posts to not only read but to share as recommendations. Okay so I have a handful of people for whom I make an exception but only because I read their blogs religiously. Maybe use the read more option for any older posts. Just an idea.

Blog posts that say they'll teach you something really useful only no they don't. Turns out when you get to the end of said post that you actually have to buy their book/online course/product/insert other appropriate to learn how to do what was promised in paragraphs one, two and three. So annoying.

So maybe I have a few pet peeves right? But don't we all.

Hope you enjoyed. Let me know your own pet hates in the comments below or drop by on Twitter.

Lots of love Justine xxx

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  1. I say innit to be annoying the majority of the time - stereotype from where I live! XD Rudeness definitely! And I agree with the toilet roll - I have to turn it round if I see someone has done that! No matter who's house I'm at - also a freak! Lie ins - yes!! My room is right next to the front door in my student house, and everyone insists on being v v loud!!
    Didn't you know that cars aren't made with working indicators anymore! (This really does my head in!) In fact rather than commenting on each pet peeve, I'm just going to say I agree with all of them!! Definitely my pet peeves too! x

    Victoria | VictoriaaHelenn

  2. Innit is so annoying. And "where's that to?" My Bristolian friend asked me "Where are you getting married to?" and I could have screamed! Haha. I must confess to having read more options on my blog. I do this because more content fits on the first page so people will, hopefully, be more inclined to pop back and look at another post, or two. And because it gives people more of a selection at a quick glance to choose what they'd like to read - without having to endlessly scroll. But that's personal preference, I guess! Love this post - we share a lot of pet peeves ;) x x

    1. Ha ha people have quirks no matter where they're from. I bet I say things that annoy others in fact I know I do! 😂 Xx


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