Christmas Galore at Barton Grange

It's Christmas next week and so in keeping with all things festive I paid a visit to Barton Grange, the 'Destination Garden Centre of the Year 2016!'
If you've never been before then you probably don't know this, but Barton Grange is famous in Preston for its beautiful Christmas displays. You'd have to see them all in person to appreciate just how so but I did attempt to take some photos just for all of you. Scroll on for my Barton Grange photo gallery.

Baubles anyone? I opted for this colour scheme on our work Christmas tree,

I love a good nativity scene and this one had all the children crowding around. My nephew asked if the sheep was real! :)

There were many extravagant decorations and ornaments to chose from like this reindeer below. Isaac was most intrigued by the antlers. 

If you haven't finished your Christmas shopping then they also sell some super pretty gift ideas.

Those who are partial to a scented candle will love this display below. And yes they do smell as amazing as they look! 

The red and gold themed Christmas tree was my personal favourite. I like traditional decorations for home.

Each display has been given a set colour theme and an apt name. Whether you prefer Mistletoe Kiss, Winter Rose, Amaryllis Fantasy or Royal Poinsettia to name a few, you're bound to find a theme to suit your taste. 

If you're taking kids, be sure to check out their huge Christmas advent calendar!

I'm sure the big kids will love the snow globe too!

And when you've finished perusing, why not try The Riverside Cafe for a spot of lunch?  

There's plenty of car parking but be warned, it was ram packed when we got there for just after lunch time. I'd advise heading out early if you don't like huge crowds.

And that's a wrap. Hope you like my little festive treat. Until next time... xxx

This is not a sponsored post, I just happen to love Barton Grange and wanted to share my pictures with you all. If any of you would like to check out the BG website please click here.

All photos taken with my iPhone SE.
If anyone has any advice as to why my pics come out crystal clear on my phone but not so much once I've transferred them to my blog then I'm all ears! ;)

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