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Dear Blogger Friends... Five Years From Now

Who knows where we'll all be five years from now. I often contemplate the possibilities. Will I be a successful writer? Will I have even sent my novel to a literary agent? Maybe I'll be a mother, or maybe I'll be a recluse with a collection of fifty cats ha ha. Of course a lot can happen in a five year period. Rewind sixty months and the one and only Zoe Sugg was probably only just starting to make a name for herself in the blogsphere. February 2009 saw her gain 1000 or so followers. Fast forward to September 2015 and she'd received over 540 million visits. Sprinkle of Glitter was a phrase more likely linked to an art student. And Tanya Burr was a name I'd never heard of. How things change.
Any blogger worth their weight in gold has heard of these three women. Let's face it, seeing their success makes us all that more hungry for some of our own.

I think it's fun and exciting to imagine where we'll be and what we'll be doing in the future. With that in mind I decided to write a 'letter' to three of my favourite bloggers set five years from now. If you enjoy reading it and it inspires you to do something similar, feel free.

Hello my lovely blogger friends, how is life treating you? I cannot believe how quickly five years has gone by. Who'd have thought we'd all be where we are now.

Jordan, as Craig Revel Horwood would say, you were FAB.U.LOUS in your West End debut. Wicked is my favourite all time musical. Maybe you might get invited to do Strictly next! Fingers crossed hey? I also heard that you achieved your dream of becoming a Victoria's Secret model?! You're going to be AMAZING! Not jealous in the slightest. Not one little bit. Pah, Who am I kidding? With a figure like yours, we're all jealous! Huge congratulations. Looking forward to reading your debut novel. I'm currently writing my second and sales are doing well on the first. Don't tell anyone yet but they're talking movie rights! Hugely excited to see where this journey takes us all next.

Hi Jemma! Hope you're well. Firstly I have to say how much I ADORE your new stationery range. Who'd have thought this time five years ago you'd be collaborating with WHSmith for an exclusive line? Actually I always had a sneaky feeling that you would do well. You've been talented and determined since day dot and if anybody deserves success it's you! I just know your dad will be watching so proudly over you. Secondly it was fantastic watching 'Who Are You Really?' your latest YouTube video. Zoella and you seemed to hit it off really well. She's just so down to earth despite her 'celebrity status.' Then again, so are you. That's what I've always loved about you Jemma! No matter what, you've always had time for others and will try to help where you can. I think you should do a Q&A with Louise Pentland next! I heard the next Girl Gang event is to be held in the Manchester Apollo this year? I hope I can get tickets this time. They always sell out so fast!

Hey Flo! How are things? One of these days I'm going to have to catch you for lunch when you're actually in one place for long enough. I can't keep up with you lol! Jet-setting from one country to the next. You look like you're having an AMAZING time though! And huge congratulations on getting the DJ job for Radio 1's Big Weekend! I knew you'd do it. Maybe you could write about it in your next column for Look magazine? I predict even bigger things from you this next twelve months! I finally bit the bullet and bought my own Bridal shop. Better late than never hey? I'm currently working on an eco friendly line so watch this space!

Lots of love

So there you have it. Of course this was just for fun and I couldn't possibly have included ALL of the bloggers I follow. That said, each and every one of you deserves every success and I can only hope that we all get to share in each others success and spread the joy along the way. There's always a risk that one of us might get bored and fall off that old blogging wagon but I doubt it. We all enjoy it too much! Happy humpday. Now go BE that flamingo in a flock of pigeons. Dare to be different. Dare to be yourself. We each have our own unique gift to share with the world. Go forth and kick some blog ass! 

Love to you all xxx

All photos except header image taken from respective blog owners. Header imagine FREE stock photo from ColorUBold.
Zoe Sugg facts found from Wikipedia


  1. This is freaking adorable!! Hope you and everyone mentioned gets all of this and more. Plus I would totally help you design that eco-friendly dress line! Xx

    1. Thanks lovely! I hope so too. And if and when the eco friendly line arises, I'm totally gonna hold you to that! xx

  2. Oh my gosh this is so so so cute!! I read through everyone's and it's so so sweet! I hope everything comes true for all - and sending lots of love your way! You've really made me smile! xxx

    1. Glad you liked it hun. I really do hope all our dreams and aspirations come true. Well. Maybe not my nightmares about the world ending or my front teeth falling out! Eek lol xx

  3. Justine this is literally the cutest post ever, thank you so much! I hope at least some of this stuff is true in five years time...! Also, what a unique post idea! Really loved it and really made me smile! Love you lots!

    1. Lol glad you liked it hun. I hope it comes true for us too. I wasn't sure whether to publish this one at first, I thought people might think it a tad 'out there' or crazy but then I thought what the hek just go for it. Besides, being normal is SO overrated!:) Love you lots too xx

  4. I absolutely love your post, what a great idea! So cute. I can totally see Jemma with her own stationery range in WH Smiths.
    Sharon x

    1. Thanks Sharon. I can totally see Jemma doing it too! Xx


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