Happy Mother's Day

Hello you lovely lot! How is life treating you? Well I hope!

Because I plan my blog posts weeks in advance, I tend to forget that certain occasions or special days may crop up and throw a spanner in the works. This week is a prime example. As I'm sure you all know, today is Mother's Day. So instead of posting what I had originally planned, I'm now blogging on a whim because I felt that I needed to mark the occasion.

It's difficult to remain positive when talking about missing a loved one so forgive me if this post isn't as bubbly as my usual. But I am missing my nanna hugely and today is one of many firsts that we have to get through. Mostly I just feel for my mum right now. It's the first Mother's Day she's ever known without her own Mum being around and that's a horrible notion.

My mum has undoubtedly been my rock for thirty odd years and if she was whisked away tomorrow I'm not sure I'd cope. Sure we've had our moments but hasn't every mother and daughter? Hand on heart she is and always will be my 'go-to' person. During the periods when my Mental Health was at it's worst she somehow pulled me through. Total respect to her because it must have required a hell of a lot of patience.

It goes without saying that these two women have played a huge role in my life. As such I thought it would be nice to share a few photos with you. (See header image.)

The top photo is of my mum and I. It was taken on my twenty first birthday (many moons ago) when I was genuinely happy, a whole lot less anxious - from what I remember anyway - and we'd just had a really good day. Everyone I loved pretty much was there including my nanna and grandad.

The central photo was taken on Christmas Day. I can't pinpoint the year exactly but I'm pretty sure I must be about three or four years old as my sister is lurking around ha ha! I chose it because even from day dot, my mum was very hands on and I think the picture is very telling of that.

The last photo is of my nanna and my sister. I could have uploaded so many but I've gone for an older picture (twenty nine years or so older) purely because this is how I will always remember her. Happy, young at heart, smiling and full of love for us.

I hope you all have a brilliant day. Mother's Day or not, it's ALWAYS nice to appreciate our loved ones be that friends, family or even both. Sure we all have our gripes and life is anything but perfect but it's still important to count our blessings too!

Have a fantastic week...

Lots of love Justine xx


  1. This is such a lovely photograph. It's so hard to get through days like mother's day when you're missing people, but deep down I think we know that a lot of the time they would want us to see the best in the situation and try to be as positive and happy as possible, as hard as that may be.

    Sammy xo.


    1. Thanks Sam. It is hard but you're right. My nanna would want me to be happy! I try to remain upbeat but I still have my days when I have a good cry. I think it's only natural. Shows how much she was loved! xxx

  2. Lovely photos and I hope Mothers Day wasn't too hard for either of you without your Nanna around. Hugs. x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x


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