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So it's been a busy week all in all. A productive one at that! I've done my usual five days at the practice but I've also done quite a lot of work on my book, mostly research. The two main topics I'm currently looking into are Mental Health and Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva. 
If you don't know what the second condition is then here is a bit of information about it...
FOP is a rare disease in which muscle and connective tissue are slowly replaced by bone. Essentially at it's worst, a person becomes trapped in their own body. It affects just one in every two million people in the world and as such it's not that well known about. 
Obviously I know quite a bit about Mental Health from personal experiences so I haven't had to do much research in this area. But I still love to hear other people's perspectives on the topic. I've had several people already approach me who have shared their own stories. It all helps when creating a realistic character plus it helps me on a personal level too.
With regards to FOP however, my knowledge is very limited. Sure I have learned a lot lately from the internet, you can educate yourself on almost any topic these days, but I'd love to speak to anyone affected personally by the disease. It's so important that I get this novel right on behalf of those living with the reality of FOP. 
If you're reading this and you happen to have an insight into either Mental Health or FOP and you feel like sharing your story, please do get in touch via email, jamachin07@aol.com. All information will be treated as confidential. Of course if you don't mind your name being amongst the many others in my acknowledgments then that's ok too.
That's all for now. Hope you've had a fantastic week. Sorry for lack of photos/colours. I've not had as much time as I would have liked to put a post together. Sometimes I think I take on more than I can handle! But regardless, I'm enjoying all my projects. Catch you all soon! 

Lots of love, girlgonedreamer xxx

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