Chatting with friends...

I've named this 'chatting with friends' because that's exactly how I feel when writing these posts. You have all been so amazing. I've genuinely appreciated all your kind words and messages over the last few difficult weeks. It has helped me hugely.

A week ago today we lost a great lady. Such a strange expression. It sounds like we've simply misplaced my Nanna in the supermarket or something. I wish we had because at least then I'd be able to see her again. She is missed terribly by the whole family. 
It's safe to say it's been a peculiar week. I've been walking around half the time in a bit of a daze, feeling lost somewhat. The girls at work have been incredible. I couldn't have got through this week without their love and support. 
I think loosing someone who was such an enormous part of your life makes you take stock of things. It's certainly made me question the direction in which my life is going. There are so many things I thought I'd have done by now and yet in reality I've barely scratched the surface. So, I've decided to become a little more proactive. I'm going to make a list of goals, (attainable ones) that I will have to achieve by a particular date. For instance, I must get a passport! I've never been abroad yet! And I'm also going to learn how to swim! There are obvious bigger goals that will take time and money to achieve, (bridal shop for one!) but in the meantime I'm going to also work extra hard on finishing my novel. I've even made a mental list of literary agents that I'd like to send it to! Fingers crossed!
I hope that this post inspires one or two of you to try the same thing. Maybe do something you've always wanted to do but for whatever reason you've been putting it off. 

Have a fabulous weekend/week. I'll catch you all soon.

Justine xxx


  1. I like making lists of goals I want to achieve! I also live by To do lists, they definitely help me be more proactive throughout the day x

    Abi | abistreetx

    1. You sound just like me Abi! Are you a Virgo by any chance? They say it's a Virgo thing ha ha! :) xx


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