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Hello lovelies! Did you all enjoy the book review from Murphy's Mother last night? Today it's my turn to share a post. (Long overdue I know.) Sorry for being so terrible of late. However on a positive, I've been working on several new blog pieces and I plan to stick to weekly updates once more. Which brings me to two other pieces of good and rather exciting news! A publishing house contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if I would review a book from a rather well known author. I cannot reveal anymore than that but what I can say is that the lovely MM is currently reading said novel and will soon be working on the review so keep a look out!
My second piece of good news is that I am now officially a permanent columnist with brand new UK based quarterly lifestyle magazine... 'LoveFrom.' I feel like I can actually 'legitimately' call myself a writer now. I'm super excited about it and feel lucky to be part of Flo's team.
If you would like to order a copy then please email the editor/founder, Florence Matthews at

Now I've updated you on all that, I'll get to what this post is about... My August favourites. Sit back, grab a cup of tea, put your feet up and enjoy!

First up...

The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins


*Please note possible spoiler alert

What's it about? 

They say everything changes in a moment...

Rachel catches the same commuter train into Euston every day. She knows it will wait at the same signal each time, overlooking a row of back gardens. She's even beginning to feel as if she knows the couple who live in number fifteen. Their life - according to Rachel - is perfect. She wishes her life could be just so. But then in one fleeting moment, Rachel sees something and everything changes. She now has a chance to become part of the lives she's been watching from afar... But will she end up embroiled in more hot water than she can handle?

I'm going to be straight with you all. I thought I'd hate this book. After being hugely disappointed in 'Gone Girl' I expected to feel the same about this. Afterall, comparisons have been made between the two. I'd read plenty of rave reviews on the internet but some of my friends had said how poor it was. That said, I decided to give it a whirl. I was initially a little bored and confused with the plot. The constant back and forth in timescale added to the change in narrative meant I had to keep flicking back pages just so I didn't feel lost. (Granted it could just have been exhaustion on my part to blame.) But fifty or so pages in, things started to get exciting. Tess Gerritsen described this novel as thrilling and tense and when the second main character - Megan - disappears, it does become an altogether more tense and thrilling read. Yes in honesty I did work out who had killed Megan long before the big reveal, but I was still pleasantly surprised with the novel as a whole. 
It's safe to say that when I stay up all hours gripped by a novel it must be good. So all in all I'd recommend you give this one a go. 

Movie of the month... Disney Pixar's Inside Out


They say kids tell it like it is. Well if my eight year old nephew is anything to go by he described this movie as 'Awesome!!' and I heartily agree. Being a big kid at heart myself, it wasn't exactly a hardship to see this at my local Odeon. (But the ticket prices!!?? So expensive these days!) 
In a nutshell the story revolves around 11 year old happy-go-lucky Riley and the five emotions who are 'running the ship' that is her mind... Anger, Disgust, Joy, Fear and Sadness.
When Riley is faced with a huge life change - a move from the rural midwest to San Francisco - everything starts to go wrong. Unbeknown to her, the five 'emotions' are also having difficulty adjusting to the move. The story reaches it's peak when Joy and Sadness get accidentally thrown from 'headquarters.' 
With neither Joy or Sadness now in the driving seat, Riley no longer has the ability to feel these two major emotions. Her life begins to unravel as she struggles to express herself to those around her. 
I won't spoil how the movie ends but needless to say turmoil unfolds as the other three emotions - Anger, Disgust and Fear - try to fix things and there are life lessons learned aplenty! (Note, take tissues if you tend to cry at movies!) It's by far one of the most vibrant, colourful and feel good movies I've seen in a long time. Perfect for both adults and children alike.
Novelist and junior psychiatrist, Rosie Claverton wrote an interesting blog post about this movie titled, '5 Mental Health Truths From Inside Out.' It's well worth a read. She says ALL the words! It was my favourite blog post of the week. Click here to read.

Useful pretty things...

I'm currently in the process of organizing and am always on the lookout for useful items such as box files and tins. Whilst out in Lytham shopping with Murphy's Mother... (We had so much fun discussing future blog posts!) we made a beeline for what can only be descibed as 'my kind of place.' I used some of the birthday money I had left to buy this gorgeous tin and notepad from shop 'Something Special.' Aren't they pretty? Note the two Lucy Diamond books too... Both gifts from MM! Cannot wait to read them both. If you also recall, MM reviewed 'The Beach Cafe' a few weeks back. Click here if you missed it.


Another empty perfume bottle sitting on my bedside cabinet... Armani White Diamonds is now another firm favourite! My sister gave it to me as she wasn't so keen but I loved this scent. I think I've said this before but I find that a good perfume always makes me feel that little bit more glam and confident.
Fragrance notes include Lychee, Rasberry, Rose, Lily Of The Valley, Patchouli, Freesia, Vetiver, Amber and Vanilla.

Birthday Gifts

I was fortunate to get lots of lovely gifts for my birthday this week. But this notepad pictured lower left has to be hands down my favourite of them all. Again a gift from my sister, (Thankyou Joelle!) it's made of actual wood. One of the most robust notebooks I've ever come across! Engraved with my details this will be one keepsake that I'll treasure for years to come. I'll be doing a 'birthday haul' next week to share with you all the new goodies and books I received!

And that's it for now...

Hope you've all had a fantastic week. I'd just like to take a moment to thank you all for your kind messages, tweets, emails and cards. It really did help me during a difficult time. Obviously I miss my Nanna so much but your love and support really pulls me through on my not so good days. 

Sending you all lots of love...

GGD xxx

P.s... If you don't follow me on Twitter but would like to enter this international competition to win both Girl Online and Girl Online On Tour by Zoe Sugg, simply email your details to Closing date 1st November. Winner drawn at random.

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  1. Congrats on the job! That is super exciting. Also, I just saw The Girl On The Train at the bookstore yesterday. It looked interesting, but I also had my trepidations. After reading your review, I think I am going to give it a whirl!

    1. Thanks Susanna! Definitely give it a go. I think you'll enjoy it xx

  2. Very excited for you with the book review and the magazine column! You'll do great at both!
    I loved "The Girl On The Train" and was surprised by that - because I, too, was massively disappointed by "Gone Girl."
    I really really want to see "Inside Out" but think I'll be waiting till it comes out on DVD - as you say, the ticket prices are ridiculous!
    Hope you had a fab birthday - looks like you got some wonderful presents. You deserved it.

    1. Thankyou Aimee, I'm excited about these new ventures! Glad to hear I wasn't the only one disappointed with GG! With regards to the cinema, yes it's pricey but well worth it for a treat. I took my nephew. It's one of my fav pastimes! Watch out for my birthday book haul coming soon... Xxx

  3. I absolutely love Inside Out! I literally cried so much haha. Also a massive congrats for getting onto Flo's magazine permanently, that is amazing :) x

    Abi | abistreetx

    1. I know me too. It's one of Pixar's best! And thanks so much! I'm rather excited about it :) Xx


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