Introducing my new resident book reviewer...

'Murphy's Mother'

As you'll have gathered by now, (if you've read my last three posts) I usually only upload on a Friday evening. However, due to requests from lots of you lovely readers, I've decided to share a special mid-week post tonight!
Going by the name 'Murphy's Mother,' my new guest blogger's identity is a well kept secret. She will be sharing book reviews with you on a fortnightly basis. A bit like Jennifer Niven, she is loveliness personified so I hope you love her as much as I do... But be warned, like the Simon Cowell of the music industry, or the Anne Robinson of the quiz show world, Murphy's Mother is the sharp tongued protagonist for the book trade. She tells it like it is and although sometimes seemingly harsh, she will always give you her honest opinion. She does afterall want you to get the best out of your reading experience.
If you have a question or any feedback then please email me and I'll be sure to pass it on. GGD xx

Over to you Murphy's Mother...

Dear fellow readers

After all the hype surrounding the likes of 'Gone Girl' and 'Fifty Shades of Grey,' I decided enough was enough and wanted to express my own opinion as it would seem to me that the rest of the book critic world has gone slightly mad. Have they even read Gone Girl? I guessed the plot three pages in!
Don't get me wrong. There are some amazing writers out there (Tess Gerritsen is a fine example) but I also don't want you wasting your precious leisure hours reading drivel when you could be reading something actually mind blowing! Prior to buying Gone Girl I read so many rave reviews which now leaves me to think perhaps these people never even opened the book in the first place let alone read it in it's entirety. In truth there isn't many books in life I've given up on, but over one hundred pages in and I just couldn't justify wasting anymore of my time! This did surprise and disappoint me as I usually love crime fiction and I hate to let a book defeat me.
Never one to end on a negative, I have read some lovely and heart warming books which are altogether more thought provoking. Authors such as Victoria Hislop, JoJo Moyes and Lucy Diamond are firm favourites and I look forward to sharing these reviews with you in the near future. Until the next time... Many Thanks

Murphy's Mother xx

Have you read Gone Girl? Tell us what you thought of it in the comments box below.

Next post from girlgonedreamer coming this Friday...


  1. Great! I'm ready for some brutally honest reviews : )

  2. Eep! Welcome, Murphy's Mother :) We <3 you already :*

  3. Nice to hear positive feedback girls! I'll be sure to pass your comments on to MM! Xx


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