Dubai, or Not Dubai? That is the Question


It is the same question wherever we plan to move to in the world. We need a reason to move, and it might not necessarily be where our work takes us. It might be a lifestyle choice the equivalent of emigrating to Australia or New Zealand. Except that Dubai has for some time now been converting its open spaces, desert spaces in their case, into developments that place luxury all in one place.

We can select a 1 bedroom apartment for rent in Dubai Marina that will quite comfortably allow us to live in luxury or look to bring a whole family to Dubai. It will be a luxurious standard of living for everyone we take with us, whatever our circumstances and expectations.


Why Dubai?

Dubai’s economy is reliant on its trade, tourism, real estate, growing financial sectors, and aviation. By moving to Dubai, you could get involved in and benefit from any of these areas of employment. The economy is a buoyant one, particularly in the marina area, which we will discuss in more detail under our next heading.

As a testament to the success of Dubai internationally, many companies will have their Middle East headquarters located in either Dubai or the Jebel Ali Port as the largest of the Middle Eastern marine terminals.

The currency of Dubai is strong because it is pegged to the dollar of the United States of America. This makes it one of the most stable currencies in the world. The UAE dirham is the United Arab Emirate’s official currency. The name “dirham” derives from the Greek currency that is the drachma. A single dirham subdivides into 100 files. You now know about the currency, should you decide to relocate to Dubai or another location in the UAE. It is good to be part of a strong economy because your money will be worth more when exchanging it with other countries.


Why Dubai Marina?

The Dubai Marina can be considered an artificial canal city. It is built along a 2-mile or 3km stretch of the shoreline of the Persian Gulf. It is far from false looking, though, it creates the perfect panorama and is the kind of relaxation everyone’s mind could do with. Water is symbolic of escapism to a faraway island. You can feel this in Dubai Marina when you have in your sights the water area and see the luxury yachts that could be your transport too.

Dubai Marina is known to be one of the most sought-after places to head to when it comes to desirable residential arrangements. It is impressive as a community, with its more than fair share of luxury skyscrapers. Also, on offer here, for those into eating out and always seeking out entertainment options, is this kind of living to excess.

The urban waterfront creates spectacular surroundings and the perfect place to live, work, and relax.




Why a Renting Option and Why an Apartment?

Financially, renting becomes an affordable option when looking to move to luxury. This can be earlier on in life when saving has not had time to take effect. We need quite a deposit now to secure a mortgage that is possible to repay. This is, even more, the case in places such as Dubai, where the rich reside. Except that it does not only have to be wealthy residents when renting is an option. You just need a decent job to have a regular high amount of income coming in. This is not beyond the realms when jobs like this exist in Dubai. We only have to seek them out online as we can seek out the apartments to rent. Dubai is looking for the skills that tourists can bring permanently to their economy and welcome different nationalities.

In terms of the greeting you can expect in Dubai, whether you are renting or buying, they will generally be “marhaba” (hello) or “maasalaamah (goodbye or with peace). It will be a friendly greeting because Dubai is looking to grow its industries to ever-increasing levels of success. You can be a part of that, living and working here. It will be an experience like that of a tourist only even better.

An apartment will provide the perfect layout and view for many situations from singles to families. It is a way that luxury can be provided.


The question now is, how soon can you arrange a move to Dubai and its marina area, for the ultimate living experience?


*Header photo via Pexels. Second photo Pexels.


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