7 Scholarships To Consider - Don't Let A Lack Of Finances Hold You Back*

*This is a collaborative post*

Education is expensive, there's no two ways about it. Unless you come from a wealthy background or have plenty of money saved in the bank, chances are you're going to graduate with a large amount of debt. That's not to say that getting an education isn't worth it, nor am I trying to put you off. On the contrary, getting a degree can open up many more doors. College graduates on average tend to earn more and are less likely to encounter unemployment. 

There are options available to help with the rising cost of going to college, options such as scholarships. A scholarship is essentially financial aid or a grant to help support a student's education and this doesn't normally need to be paid back. Free money? Yes please! 

Just before you jump the gun, you should be aware that scholarships aren't easy to get. Each scholarship will usually have a set criteria and guidelines. You'll have to put in the time, hard work and effort if you're going make a convincing case. 

How To Find Scholarships 

There are several ways you can find scholarships. If you have a school or college in mind then it's worth making contact with their financial aid office. You may also find information via college websites, through organisations related to your career choice or via one of the online scholarship search tools. 

Lucky for you, I've also done some research to find some of the best scholarships around but prepare for the gloves to come off! Each of these scholarships has been created to help just one student so competition will be fierce. Be sure to read all the terms, conditions, guidelines and criteria to give yourself the best chance. 

Seven $1000 Scholarships To Consider

Your task for each of these scholarships is to answer the relevant question in the form of a five hundred word essay. What are you waiting for?! Get scribbling... 

The Associates Home Loan Scholarship; What does your dream house look like?

The Rusty Tweed Drug Free Scholarship; What creative ways can you come up with to promote drug free living?

The Mark Alvarado Scholarship; How can schools better prepare students for the workforce?

The JMD Furniture Scholarship; What role do you think office furniture plays in determining how productive employees will be? 

The Chrissy Weems Scholarship; Share an adversity in your life that you have fought to overcome and what you have learned from it.

The Nationwide Debt Reduction Services Scholarship; What is one money tip that you learned that you feel will help you become financially stable after graduation?

The All Year Cooling Scholarship; Thinking about your current major, how do you see your future career helping others and/or businesses?

Money awarded will usually be paid direct to the financial aid office/department at the relevant school or college. 

Never Give Up

A lack of finances should never hold you back from going for your dream! If you want something enough then you'll get there eventually. Look at GirlGoneDreamer for instance. I started this blog from nothing. And when I say nothing, I didn't even have a laptop at the beginning! Oh how things change. This blog has certainly turned my life around. 

What can I say? Never say never. You just have to be prepared to work hard, remain consistent and above all, you must believe in yourself! Sometimes the impossible does happen and as corny as this sounds, dreams really can come true!

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